April 28, 2014

Weekly Obsession: Bones on Netflix

     My husband and I just finished watching the season 5 finale of Bones on Netflix. I am addicted to this show, have been for a while - but the farther along it gets, the closer Bones & Booth. I really just want to skip ahead in the series but I know I can't. This is definitely my obsession this week. Because after he left for work, it took all my strength not to go to the next episode. We watched the first and second episodes of season 6 and then he left for work. We don't get a lot of TV time, but when we do - we watch either Bones or Law and Order: SVU.

PS - David Boreanaz is damn fine! Had a crush on him since Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Picture from Twitter

In the comments: what is your favorite show right now?

April 22, 2014

Snap of the Week: 012

I knew the second I took this that it'd make a great post card. Something I'm in need of for my pen pals - but this one will probably just be for her parents.

In the comments: are postcards easy to come by in your area?

April 21, 2014

Weekly Obsession: Routine

     As I told about in my last post, I've spent the last few weeks trying to find my routine again. We have two new roomies and when they moved in my routine got completely thrown off and really messed with my head. My routine is not only important to me, but to my kids too. I'm noticing as things get back in order my kids are sleeping better and behaving better as well.

     My days have a pretty easy to follow routine, but there is one simple thing that if it gets thrown off - everything does. If I can't keep up on laundry, my whole house becomes a disaster (at least in my mind). So adding two people to the work load was like derailing a train. They were very helpful, don't get me wrong. We all felt like we were constantly cleaning until I figured out how to get things back on track.

     My day during the week when we have an extra toddler in the house is structured like this (this is just a general schedule but it stays pretty much the same):
7 am - woke up by the 2 year old and both kids get changed and fed
8 am - turn on cartoons and do morning clean up (start a load of laundry, fold what might be in the dryer, do breakfast dishes)
9 am - wake up the rest of the house and help get them out the door for work and other such things (and get the roomies air mattress off the floor)
10 am - finally feed myself before the extra 2 year old arrives at 10:30
11 am - get the kids set up to color, play with building toys or puzzles, or go outside to play
12 pm - get the kiddos lunch and feed whoever else is home
1 pm - get a movie going for the kiddos
2 pm - nap time (even daddy takes a nap most times) while I do afternoon clean up and keep up on laundry
3 pm - my free time: pen pal letters, edit photos, make digital pages, work on a DIY/craft project
4 pm - our extra toddler is picked up and our own kiddos wake up and we try to get outside for play time again
5 pm - get dinner going (if it hasn't been in the crockpot all day) and eat
6 pm - dinner clean up, more laundry and bath time for kiddos
7 pm - an episode of Curious George is turned on for the 2 year old (we've been through the seasons on Netflix about a million times but it's part of his routine and he won't give it up)
8 pm - bedtime for kiddos and more laundry and extra clean up
9 pm - more of my free time and possibly an episode of Bones or Law and Order SVU with the hubby
10 pm - get hubby off to work and get back to my free time
11 pm - start thinking about bedtime for myself while enjoying my free time and doing more laundry
12 am - time to be in bed for sure most nights

In the comments: how structured is your day? and your kiddos?

April 17, 2014

Real Life: New Roomies

     If you've been wondering where I've been, it's been a crazy month or so. I'm surprised I got the posts written that I did. For a week we had my grandparents staying with us to make my grandfather's multiple doctor appointments that week easier to get to. Then, a close friend who I've been trying to get to move closer to me for a while now called me up. She told me that she was going to be homeless and was desperate. So my husband and I agreed to let her and her boyfriend come to stay with us for a while. They arrived the day before my grandparents left, which was also the day before we left for up north to visit my in-laws. When we got back the job search started and here we are three weeks later. One has a job and the other is close to being employed and we are discussing adding them to our lease. The past three weeks I have spent trying to get back into my routine and getting my house back in order. My OCD has put me through several mental breakdowns because of all of their belongings coming in and not meshing well with our belongings at first. Now we have things sorted out, my house is clean, and I am back into my routine with the kids as well as with cleaning. I am happy to say that right now there is laundry running, dishes in the dishwasher getting clean, a clean and orderly house, and two kiddos napping. I am caught up on pictures and only two letters away from being caught up on all my letter writing to this point. I will be soon caught up on my digital pages and taking my daughter's seven month photo when she wakes up. The little girl we babysit on a regular basis turned two today and I will be taking pictures of her tomorrow if the weather cooperates.

"Life is like a camera... focus on what's important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don't work out... take another shot." - author unknown

     I did notice while I was away losing my mind that I had a few comments come in. Could it really be that people actually read these ramblings? I am going to start making a larger presence for my blog on social media so please be sure to follow me on Instagram as mrsbixby and/or Google+ if you enjoy keeping up with me and my little family.

In the comments: do you have a routine in your home that helps to keep you sane?