March 5, 2014

Clutter Buster: Laundry

     A lot of people have a laundry problem. I did for a long time. You know that problem where the house would look pretty darn clean if only you could get a handle on all the clothes, dirty and clean, around the house. After we got our new washer/dryer unit in our apartment I started to get a handle on things. People laugh at me when I tell them this, but I do laundry every day. I took note of where dirty clothes gathered in my house and made sure there were baskets in those hot spots but otherwise all dirty clothes hit the washer right away. In the morning I check both baskets, one in the bathroom and one on my husband's side of the bed, and put those clothes in the washer. Every night I add the dishcloth and every other night I add the hand towel from the kitchen. Once a week I wash the bedding and same for the towels.

     When the washer is full, I run it. I wash on cold so I don't have to worry about separating colors. I set a timer on my phone to be sure it goes in the dryer when it's done. Then I wait for it to be nap time or bed time for the kids - or at least the toddler. Once he is asleep I fold, hang, and put away everything without ever letting it hit a basket or flat surface. If it hits the bed, table, floor, or laundry basket - I have an excuse not to take care of it right away. If I leave it in the dryer, it has to be done so I can keep washing every day.

     These two rules have saved me from the never-ending laundry monster I dealt with for quite a while and I know a lot of others do too.

1. wash at least one load every day - try not to worry about separating
2. never let the clean laundry hit a flat surface or basket

In the comments: how often do you do laundry in your house?

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