March 2, 2014

2014 Digital Project Life Blog Circle: February Update

     Welcome to another stop in the 2014 Project Life Blog Circle. If you have been following along then you would have come from over at Ashley's blog. I decided to participate in this blog circle as a way of motivation. And I'm glad I did, because in the last two days I have placed all of my photos into templates. I felt pressure to get it done though - and was angry with myself for not finishing the pages completely. But then I realized this is the perfect time to show you my process. The pages I am uploading now have no text, no embellishments, no stamps - it's just the pictures and my base. This took me two days of working on it here and there and now I can go back and add bits and pieces. Part of the reason for my scramble this month was because I spent a good chunk of time scanning old prints this month as well as trying to catch up on old edits. I am half way through November of last year. YAY! By the end of this month I am determined to be caught up on my past edits through December of last year, finished with the February pages, and current for March. The plan is to make a page every time I clear a memory card. And every time I clear a memory card, I have automator on my MacBook set up to download my pictures from mine and my hubby's phones through DropBox as well. This way nothing is missed. I don't know if this is a little ambitious or not. I guess we'll see how things go. I think I can do it. Hope you enjoy a sneak peek at my family's February. Please be sure to head on over to see what Kristi has been up to this past month.

In the comments: do you put too much pressure on yourself? Even things that other people seem not to care so much about at the time?

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  1. My computer is weird today. I managed to post this comment on another blogpost of yours. Sorry.

    Wow, Cassandra I am so impressed of how much you have accomplished in just two days! Really beautiful already. I do put pressure on myself mainly by being a "time optimist", thinking that I have time to do so much more than I actually can.