January 13, 2014

Weekly Obsession: Shadowboxes

This new weekly post is inspired by Mitch & Scott of Superfruit (from my favorite band ever by the way, but that's an obsession for another week). I will be sharing my weekly obsession from the previous week every Monday.

     Last week's obsession would have to be shadowboxes. The thing that got me started on shadowboxes was figuring out what to do with my kid's precious little pieces of life that I don't want to get rid of. Because I do digital photo books I wasn't able to include things like a lock of hair or a tooth in their baby books. I am so happy that I went with this option because I love being able to look at them every day.

Included in Deklyn's box: my favorite set of pajamas, his hat from the hospital, his favorite pacifier, lock of hair from his first haircut, sign from his hospital bassinet, hospital bracelets, pieces of my favorite shirts, and my favorite receiving blanket.
Included in my husband's box: something his mother made him, a couple of things from his grandparents, a reward from a county fair, and other little memories.

     From there it grew. I knew we had a lot of memories just sitting in boxes in our garage getting moved around from place to place and one of my goals this year is to get them on display. If I cannot use or display it - I will be throwing it out as part of my other goal for the year which is to continue decluttering and simplifying.

Included in Aoife's box: my favorite set of pajamas, her hat from the hospital, sign from her hospital bassinet, something from her gender reveal party and her hospital bracelets.
Included in my box: my academic letter, graduation tassle, lucky rabbit foot, a couple things that belonged to my grandfather, necklaces from old boyfriends (because a memory is a memory) and LOTS of other little trinkets.

     On a trip to Michael's I was able to pick up 6 - 11x14 shadowboxes for a total of $30 plus tax because of a 50% sale. I gifted two, used two, and have two back-ups. I also bought a frame for the family photo we will have taken in the spring for half off. And because frames get broken if not hung up in this house, I hung it up empty. Motivation right?

Yes, I did draw a placeholder for the frame.

In the comments: Do you have a special way of displaying things that you cannot include in your photo books?

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