February 19, 2014

Clutter Buster: Coat Closet

     I had a very productive nap time last week. Along with all of my normal tasks (laundry, dishes, etc) I was able to complete a quick clean of the fridge as well as decluttering, organizing and cleaning out the coat closet and entryway. I do apologize for the poor photo quality in this post and I may take some other pictures and upload them later. Now I don't have any before pictures because I was just going with the flow and getting things done, but the after is a sight for sore eyes around here.

     We have a tax return coming soon and on our list of things to take care of is the fact that almost every one of us needs new shoes and boots. I had planned on just mopping the entryway today of all the snow and salt. But when you're in the groove you might as well use it right? I ended up FINALLY getting rid of the shoes, boots and hats that don't fit or have holes in them. Three pairs of my own shoes, one of my husband's, and one of my son's. This leaves each of us with just our snow boots which are all we wear - my husband and I even need to replace ours.

Those are toddler costumes I am trying to find a home for hanging in those bags, and my wall hook for my diaper bag came off recently so I am making due with a hanger until I can get to the store.

     The top drawer holds our hats and gloves, my son loves hats - and people like to MAKE him hats. So I had to be ruthless and get rid of the ones that don't fit him today. I kept one important handmade one and got rid of the rest. I need to convince my husband to get rid of some of his own hats. I have two, and one needs some mending - and the other is not for freezing temps. The middle drawer holds different bags that come in handy in the warmer weather when we are out and about a lot. The bottom drawer holds my husband's snow pants and our big bag for travel. I also weeded through our coats and got rid of a few that were too small for the toddler and a couple of my own I just don't wear anymore.

My husband's tool box on the top shelf out of reach of little fingers, and the tripod ready to grab on our way out the door.

     Our summer gear expanded - so I needed to expand the container holding it and just happened to have the perfect one on hand after going through my son's toys.

When it warms up outside I may put the hats and gloves in the bucket, and transfer the summer gear to the drawer set.

In the comments: do you have a coat closet? How many coats or shoes does each member of your family own?

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