February 17, 2014

Weekly Obsession: MacBook Pro & Canon Rebel T3i

     You may have noticed that there were no posts last week. This is because my darling HP laptop that gave me 5 1/2 wonderfully speedy years slowed down to the point where I gave up attempting to type on it. It's in pretty bad shape, but I've been planning on replacing it for a while now and it just couldn't wait those extra couple of days for one of my obsessions for this week to arrive on my doorstep.

It wasn't scheduled to arrive until this morning, but imagine my excitement when it showed up on Friday morning instead.

     I am now the proud owner of a MacBook Pro 13" with Retina, that's right - I went Apple. I still have an Android though so we'll see how they jive. I have a feeling DropBox will still be my best friend for phone to computer communication. It's so clean and pretty. And I'm already getting used to the shortcuts vs the old Windows shortcuts. I'm pretty sure this is going to be a beautiful friendship.

     Last week's weekly obsession was going to be a pretty big one too so I will go ahead and just say it - I got me a Canon Rebel T3i and a 50 mm f/1.4 lens. My old camera must have been on it's way out a long time ago because there is such a huge improvement in my photos with this new model. Most of the improvement is behind-the-scenes in that I don't have to do a bunch of editing to get the photo to look the way it was meant to. With this camera, I just pop the memory card into my Mac and see if it needs one or two quick one-second adjustments and convert and I'm done. I can even use batch processing finally. With the old camera, I was spending around 5 minutes or more on EACH photo. This has me OVER THE MOON excited.

Jack is usually a pretty good model when I am testing something with a new camera, lens, or setting.

     For the first time ever I'm shooting in manual mode with RAW file types - and I'm getting the hang of it pretty well. It confused me slightly figuring out how to edit and convert at first but after I figured out the first couple I was on a roll.

In the comments: do you have an Apple, Windows, or some other kind of computer? Do you shoot in RAW with your camera?

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