February 24, 2014

Weekly Obsession: Amazon Prime

     We recently ordered something on amazon.com and signed up for the free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime for the free two day shipping. Silly me assumed they'd send an email or something after the 30 days, and when they didn't they automatically took around $83 out of our account. After first complaining a bit about be taken by surprise, we decided to check out what this Amazon Prime was all about. We are heavy readers and my husband has enjoyed going through and downloading books to his phone to read later. Then we checked out Amazon Prime Instant Video - I was so excited to see all the choices for old cartoons and movies we love. We already have Netflix, but Amazon takes the cake for 90s kid cartoons. And $83 for the year isn't so bad - comes out to around $7/month for all the shows/movies, ebooks, and free two day shipping on our orders. We are paying around $8.70/month for Netflix. This new discovery is definitely my weekly obsession. I mean come on - we can now watch Degrassi, Doug, Miss Congeniality, and so many other amazing shows/movies.

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